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Tourney Update

March 29, 2009

So my live blog ended abruptly last week.  My bad.  The endless boring games started to take its toll and once The Office started, I was done.

Regardless… I did ok on day 1, shitty on day 2, but came back strong heading into the sweet 16, only losing 1 game (ignoring the 2 teams I picked to lose in the 1st round).  A strong sweet 16 lead to an even stronger elite 8, of which I picked 7 correctly (Fuck you Memphis!). Now I stand only a few days away from victory in my pool, thanks to my lame strategy of picking the chalk in the later rounds.  As it stands now, If Louisville and UNC win, I’m basically a lock (OK, not really, but its close).

Here’s hoping this won’t be a repeat of last year when I nailed 3 of the final 4, but totally fucked the championship game.  Granted, I can only correctly pick 2 of the final 4, but at least no one in my final has been eliminated (L’ville and UNC).  Luckily, almost everyone else in my pool picked Pitt or Memphis in the championship, so I’m looking good.

With the final 4 coming and Red Sox season about to begin, you should expect more blog posts.  I’m hoping once the Sox start playing every day and the B’s and C’s are playing playoff games, I’ll have much more to say.  


Until next time…

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