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Tourney Update

March 29, 2009

So my live blog ended abruptly last week.  My bad.  The endless boring games started to take its toll and once The Office started, I was done.

Regardless… I did ok on day 1, shitty on day 2, but came back strong heading into the sweet 16, only losing 1 game (ignoring the 2 teams I picked to lose in the 1st round).  A strong sweet 16 lead to an even stronger elite 8, of which I picked 7 correctly (Fuck you Memphis!). Now I stand only a few days away from victory in my pool, thanks to my lame strategy of picking the chalk in the later rounds.  As it stands now, If Louisville and UNC win, I’m basically a lock (OK, not really, but its close).

Here’s hoping this won’t be a repeat of last year when I nailed 3 of the final 4, but totally fucked the championship game.  Granted, I can only correctly pick 2 of the final 4, but at least no one in my final has been eliminated (L’ville and UNC).  Luckily, almost everyone else in my pool picked Pitt or Memphis in the championship, so I’m looking good.

With the final 4 coming and Red Sox season about to begin, you should expect more blog posts.  I’m hoping once the Sox start playing every day and the B’s and C’s are playing playoff games, I’ll have much more to say.  


Until next time…

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Up next: Unboxing of my new Macbook Pro.


NCAA Tournament round 1 live blog part 4

March 19, 2009

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Recap: A mediocre game between Washington and Mississippi St.  No upset here, Huskies move on.

Games covered in part 4 (my picks in italics):

7 Clemson vs 10 Michigan

7 Texas vs 10 Minnesota

3 Villanova vs 14 American

4 Gonzaga vs 13 Akron


7:12 The next batch of games are just tipping off.  I’ve got Clemson/Michigan on TV and Texas/Minnesota on MMOD.  I really need the horns to win this one, I’ve got them beating the Dukies in round 2 (altho I’m already regretting it).

7:14 I just realized that I picked 2 teams that I hate: Clemson and Nova (former BC rival and current BC rival). Its not going to be easy to root for them.  Gophers are out to a fast start 9-2

7:18 Jim Nantz says this has been a “zippy start for the Gophers.” Minn up 13-5.

7:22 I nominate Clemson for having the douchiest fanbase in the country.  I’m not even sure who the other candidates are right now. If you’ve ever been to a Clemson game, you’d understand.  I’ve never seen so many orange polos and purple pairs of pants.  I didn’t even know you could buy purple pants.

7:35 Slow start for my teams.  Clemson down by 4, Texas down by 2.  Need more booze.

7:45 Texas takes the lead.  Clemson still down by 2.  I suddenly got busy, but I’ll try to update more soon.

7:49 Zips/Zags just got started.  I hope the announcers are taking advantage of the nickname matchup here.  I’m still not sold on this Gonzaga team, but I’m not sure why.

Score update:

Minn 29 Texas 28

Mich 22 Clem 22

American 27 Nova 24 (WTF!?)

Zips 8 Zags 7

8:06 Scores at the half:

Michigan 27 Clemson 24

Texas 39 Minnesota 35

American 41 Nova 31

8:10 We need to officially start the Villanova upset watch.  Down by 10 to American at the half is not good.

Sorry for the boring updates, things got busy here and I have less time for comments.

8:17 Watching the Zips/Zags game now.  (Are we going with Zips/Zags or Zags/Zips?, I vote the first).  I’m starting to get worried about my picks this round.  After going 6-2 in the early games, I’m losing in 3 of the 4 7PM games.  Michigan-Clemson should be back soon.

8:19 CBS switches to the Clemson-Michigan game just in time to show a 9-2 run by the Wolverines.  Great.  I shoulda known not to trust a bunch of douches to win a game.

8:27 Fucking Clemson.  Maybe some Pizza will help.

8:38 Thank you Longhorns.  At least something is going right. Texas by 9.  Clemson, Nova and Gonzaga are still down.

8:44 Pizza has brightened my mood a bit.  Nova is within 7, and Texas is pulling away.  If Clemson and Gonzaga can get their act together, this might not turn out so bad.

8:48 The two 7-10 games are mirroring each other right now, but with opposite results for me.  Texas keeps increasing its lead but Clemson can’t get anything going.  Meanwhile, Nova is down by 6.

8:51 They should probably move the Clemson game to the ER at the rate players are going down.

The Office is starting in 10 minutes.  The live blog will probably suffer.

8:58 The good news: Things are starting to go my way. The Bad news: The Office is starting to I’m going to go watch that.

9:08 First Office commercial break, and the games are looking good.  Texas is up big, Nova came back and took the lead, Gonzaga is winning and Clemson has cut it to 6.  Lets go tigers! I wanna go 4 for 4!

9:21 Holy shit this Clemson-Michigan game got crazy.  61-59 Wolverines.

9:25 Wow! What a game.  I almost don’t care that I lost. Michigan survives 62-59. In other news Texas won 76-62, Nova is up by 11 with under a minute left, and the Zags lead the Zips by 5 with 8 minutes left.

9:30 Ok, I’m leaving to go watch 30 Rock.  Nova is about to win and Gonzaga is up by 9.  See you for the last group of games.

NCAA Tournament round 1 live blog part 3

March 19, 2009

Part 1Part 2

Recap: After struggling in the early games, I came back strong, getting all my picks correct in the 3pm games.  North Carolina blew away Radford without Ty Lawson, which was a good sign for me (UNC is my champ).  Purdue gave me a scare, but survived.

Games covered in part 3 (my picks in italics):

4 Washington vs 13 Mississippi St.


5:20 Here we go with part 3.  Hopefully, I’ll be more entertaining this time.  I’ll try to keep this one going thru the 7pm games.

5:34 Huskies playing well early, up 25-17 with 5:45 to go in the 1st.  CBS switched to the local news so I’m stuck on MMOD and its constant buffering.

Beer time.

5:40 My beer is very drinkable.  No more drinkable than most other beverages, but certainly more drinkable than Keystone Light.  That shit is gross.

5:48 I feel a lot better about my Washington pick after realizing that their best player is named Quincy Pondexter.  If I had done my research (and I didn’t), I would have known this, and picked them to go farther.  You can’t lose with a name like that.  Its the same reason I picked Alabama St. (Chief Kickingstallionsims) in the play in game, and Temple (Dionte Christmas) in a 1st round upset.

5:58 Washington 38 Miss St. 27 at halftime.  More often than not, the upset everyone picks doesn’t happen.

6:21 Woops, I got distracted during halftime.  We’re already 5 minutes in, Huskies by 13.

6:28 One of those damn hypnotizing Comcast commercials is on.  I think they’re trying to trick us into forgetting how shitty their service is.

I hate the 5PM game, its always so boring.

6:30 Cody Augustus just “inhaled a rebound.”  I might need to inhale something to keep watching this game.  Wash 50-35 with 10:38 left.  The announcers are desperately trying to convince us that this game is interesting.

More evidence that this game sucks:

2nd half points (10 minutes left): Wash: 17, Miss St. 10.

Miss St. is shooting 27%, Washington 45%

6:41 I took a break with the score 57-41. 10 minutes later, its 59-44.  Awseome.  I need another beer.

6:45 I’m glad we got the full story on Washington’s Isaiah Thomas.  Apparently, he was named after the real Isiah Thomas, but with a different spelling.  Thank god we cleared that up.  

I can’t wait for Gus Johnson tomorrow

7:06 Washington wins in a barn-burner 71-58.  The final score doesn’t represent how boring this game was.  Maybe its just that there wasn’t anything else on, but I hated it.  

Either way, I’m 6-2 today.

The 7PM games should be starting up soon.  A few interesting matchups there.

NCAA Tournament round 1 live blog part 2

March 19, 2009

Part 1

Recap: I got off to a bad start in part 1, losing 2/3.  Only Memphis saved me by skeaking by lowly CS Northridge.  BYU sucked ass, and Butler lost a close one.  Hopefully, this part will be better.

Games covered (my picks in italics):

5 Purdue vs 12 Northern Iowa

1 UNC vs 16 Radford

7 California vs 10 Maryland

1 UConn vs 16 Chattanooga


2:40 Rather than have 1 huge post, i figured I’d break this up. The 3PM games are just getting started. 

I’d like to see a strong showing from UNC without Ty Lawson. They’re my champ, and after the Memphis scare, I need some reassurance.

2:44 Purdue jumps out to an early lead. The 12/5 games always scare me, but the Boilermakers are looking good early.

2:51 Taking a break from the games to re-watch last night’s South Park. The Coon!

3:01 After taking a big lead early, Purdue can’t seem to hit a shot.

Side note: who is the coon?

3:17 Getting back to the games now.  I’ve  got UConn on TV and Cal-Terps on MMOD.  So far so good in the second batch.  All my teams are winning or tied.

3:20 Purdue up 32-20 at the half.  Its about time one of my teams took care of business.  Here’s the scores:

Purdue 32 N Iowa 20 Half

UNC 26 Radford 16 11:25 1st

Maryland 17 Cal 15 11:35 1st

UConn 10 Chatt 8 13:46 1st

3:27 These Mocs look fiesty.  UConn needs to wake up.

3:39 On cue, UConn woke up.  The Huskies, Tar Heels and Boilermakers have comfortable leads, while Maryland is holding on.

4:05 I knew that I’d get lazy with this live blog, and its finally happening.  If you care, I spent the last few mintues getting some work done, but now I’m back!  Maryland is up 3 at the half and Purdue is watching the lead slip away.  The #1’s are cruising.

4:10 Purdue is hanging on, barely.  My brother is watching the game upstairs, and he has North Iowa.  If this comeback keeps up, he might fall thru the floor.

4:18 The Purdue game is still too close for comfort with 2 minutes left.  I’m glad I didn’t pick them to take down UConn.

4:32 Purdue escapes. Thank god. Now if Maryland can get it done, i can go 4-4.

4:45 I’m getting lazier by the second.  I think its the lack of interesting games.  Cal/Maryland is the only one thats even remotely close.  Terps by 10.  Washington/Miss St. is coming up at 5.  Big upset potential there.

4:47 Holy shit, someone tell the Mocs and Highlanders that there’s a basketball game going on.  UNC and UConn are both up 40+. Tar Heels without Lawson, Huskies without coach Calhoun.

Terps 66, Cal 56 7:00 remaining

5:00 Maryland looks strong, and so does my bracket.  After a rough start, i should get to 5-7 overall. 

Terps 76 Cal 63 3:00 left

Its about time to crack the day’s first beer.

5:07 Terps win.  Jorge Gutierrez of Cal is openly crying.

5:14 UNC and UConn are winners.  I’m 4-4 in this batch of games.  

Now we enter the boring part of the day where there’s only 1 game on.  Luckily, Wash/Miss St should be a good one.

5:17 Just switched to Washington/Miss St. The game is tied with 12 to go in the 1st half.  I’ve got Washington, but I’m not that confident in the Huskies.  I have them losing to Purdue in the next round so this one is low risk for me.

NCAA Tournament round 1 live blog part 1

March 19, 2009

11:24AM Lets see how long this lasts. My attention span is normally like 15 seconds so three’s little chance I’ll keep updating the blog as the games unfold.

12:00 games (my picks in italics):

8 LSU vs 9 Butler

2 Memphis vs 15 CS Northridge

8 BYU vs 9 Texas A&M

11:58 Just changed a bunch of my picks at the last second. Probably not a good sign.

12:21 LSU/Butler about to tip off. I see mostly chalk today with lots of upsets tomorrow.

12:23 LSU takes a 9-0 lead. Not a great start for me.

12:29 Watching 2 games at once. I’m losing both.

12:34 Now losing all my games.  11-3, 11-3, 11-8.  This seems like a bad omen.

12:39 Just turned on BYU/A&M.  The cougars are rolling with the white wash.  Maybe I shouldn’t have picked them.

1:00 Memphis finally got their shit together, but Butler and BYU are still struggling.  I hate those 8/9 games, i always get them wrong.

Memphis 29 CS Northridge 24

LSU 27 Butler 19

A&M 32 BYU 24

1:06 Whats with all the games mirroring each other?

A&M 32-24

LSU 31-24

Mem 31-25

1:11 LSU 35 Butler 29 at the half.  I just heard that BYU hasn’t won a tournament game since ’93.  Why did I pick them again?

On an unrelated note, one of my friends just introducde the idea of heading to his place and getting wasted off the Magic Hat in his kegerator.  This may affect the live blog.

1:18 BYU down by 12 at halftime.  The cougars are playing like a team with 5 white guys on the floor, except they can’t hit jump shots.  Memphis is too close for comfort.  Will this be the year I lose a final 4 team in the first round? Lets hope not.

1:44 Butler takes the lead!  Its about time.  

March Madness On Demand is fucking up.  Its buffering every few seconds now.

Also, just opened first red bull of the day.  How long before I switch to booze?

1:49 Had to bump down the quality of MMOD to lower than low def.  Meanwhile, BYU is taking a shit on the court.  If I can go 2/3 in these first games, I’ll be satisfied.  Right now none are winning.

1:58 I had to switch from BYU to Memphis.  Matedors up by 2 with 13 minutes left. I’m not ready for a 15-2 upset.

2:03 Not sure if I should mix Streak for the Cash and my bracket.  That feels like betting on your favorite team.  If they lose, you lose double.  Butler needs to get going.

2:07 Memphis down by 6 with 10 to go.  My brother will be home in a few minutes and he picked Memphis for the championship.  This could be bad.  Side note: Rico came down to join me, but he’s a little annoyed that I’m watching 2 games at once.

2:11 All 3 of my picks are losing.  BYU is a lost cause, but Butler and Memphis still have a shot.  I can’t really go 0-3 in the first games can I?

2:18 LSU is pulling away from Butler.  My only hope is Memphis.

5 Purdue and 12 Northern Iowa tip off at 2:30. I have Purdue.

2:27 Memphis finally woke the fuck up and took care of business.  Butler still needs a last second miracle. Looks like I’m headed for 1-3.

2:29 Butler just lost.  Memphis just won.  BYU is down by 11 with 1:30 to go. Up next (my pics in italics):

5 Purdue/12 Northern Iowa

1 UNC/16 Radford

7 Cal/10 Maryland

1 UConn/16 Chattanooga

2:32 MMOD is fucking up again.  I just switched to Purdue/N Iowa and got audio for a baseball game.  

2:37 BYU offially lost.  MMOD is buffering again.  Its been a frustrating first set of games.

Tourney picks that are sure to fail

March 18, 2009

Update: I made some last minute changes Thursday morning.

I’ve had a checkered past picking the NCAA tournament.  My only win came in ’05, when I correctly picked 3 of the final 4, and nailed the championship game (UNC over Illinois). Most years I have to settle for being in the lead heading into the final weekend, then watching my champion lose in the final 4.  

But thats the point.  You have to pick the champion correctly to win.  The pool winner is always the guy (or girl) who gets the champ right, and does just good enough in the early rounds to beat out everyone else who also picked the winner.  Unless your pool rewards picking upsests (mine doesn’t), then your best bet is usually a safe bracket that doesn’t rely on a cinderella team.  Don’t pick all four numbers 1’s to make it (even if it happened last year).  Pick some 12’s over 5’s and 11’s over 6’s. Then take a 7 over a 2 in the 2nd round just for fun.

With this strategy, I’m almost always in the lead heading into the final 4.  If that happens and I pick the champ correctly, I’ll win.


Enough with my (non-existant) strategy, on to the picks:


2nd round

1 Louisvile over 8 Ohio St.

4 Wake over 5 Utah

3 Kanas over 6 West Virginia

2 Michigan St. over 7 BC

Elite 8

1 Louisville over 3 Kansas

1 Louisville over 2 Michigan St.


The toughest bracket for me to pick.  I’m a BC grad, and I’ve love for them to pull off an upset, but Michigan St. always goes farther than I expect.  Everyone else is picking Arizona over Utah, so I went the other way.  If Wake was in the East or West, I’d have them in the final 4.

Edit: I flipped my Kansas/Michigan St. pick



2nd round

1 UConn over 8 BYU

5 Purdue over 4 Washington

3 Mizzou over 11 Utah St

2 Memphis over 10 Maryland

Elite 8

2 Memphis over 1 UConn


I don’t trust UConn, I think the top 2 seeds should have been switched.  I think Utah St. is risky upset, but I don’t see the winner of that game beating Mizzou anyway, so it won’t hurt me much if I lose that one.



2nd round

1 Pitt over 8 Oklahoma St.

4 Xavier over 12 Wisconsin

3 Nova over 6 UCLA

7 Texas over 2 Duke

Elite 8

1 Pitt over 3 Nova


I hate Pitt and Duke, but someone has to win this region.  Florida St. is ripe for an upset.  I always pick a #2 to go down in the second round.  This time, I think its Duke.



2nd round

1 UNC over 9 Butler

5 Illinois over 4 Gonzaga

6 Arizona St. over 3 Syracuse

3 Syracuse over 11 Temple

2 Oklahoma over 7 Clemson

Elite 8

1 UNC over 2 Oklahoma


A lot of teams I don’t trust here.  UNC is the clear favorite.  I think ‘Cuse will be worn out, and AZ St. killed my Streak for the Cash run, so I’m going with them.  No one likes Oklahoma, but Blake Griffin is a beast.  A big time player can carry a team in this tourney (see Stephen Curry, Davidson), and I think he’ll do that for the Sonners.

Edit: I forgot about Dionte Christmas, so I picked Temple to take down Az St.



UNC over Louisville


UNC was the clear number 1 when the season started, and I don’t see anyone stopping them now.  Louisville is getting hot at the right time, and that momentum will carry them to the championship game, but it won’t be enough against the Tar Heels.  As long as Ty Lawson stays healthy, I see UNC taking the whole thing.  Obama agrees with me.


Finally, to get you pumped up for the tournament, here’s a classic Gus Johnson call: