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Giving this another shot

October 25, 2009

Obviously its been awhile since I last posted on this thing, but I want to get back at it. I’ve got a few ideas for regular features and maybe even some guest writers. Expect unique takes on sports and entertainment, hopefully with some comedy mixed in. If all goes as planned, I’ll be moving this to its own domain soon. Stay tuned.


Blog Update

June 15, 2009

Once again, I got bored and forgot about my blog.  Expect some new material coming soon.

Back by popular demand

March 18, 2009

So much for my plan to start a blog and update it every day.  Its now been roughly 2 months since my last entry, and nothing interesting has happened in my life.  Despite this, I figured I’d give the blog another shot. Here’s a quick Q & A, to get you caught up on all the mediocrity.

Q: Hey Duby, didn’t you used to have a blog?

A: Yup, it even had 10+ views a day at one point.

Q: Weren’t you going to update every day?

A: That was the plan.

Q: What happened to that?

A: Fuck you, thats what.

Q: Seriously, what happened?

A: Truthfully, my life is pretty boring and I don’t have a lot to say.  My job at Utterli (formerly Utterz) fizzled out, and I’ve been stuck at home trying to find work.  But now, in an effort to get my life back to normal, I’ve decided to get back to blogging.  

Q: What happened to Utterli?

A: We ran out of money.  Keep it on the DL, but the site will probably be gone in a month.

Q: So what’s next?

A: I cash unemployment checks, while looking for another job.  I’m thinking about taking a trip to Austin soon, so stay tuned. As for the blog here’s, what’s coming this week (if my blood alcohol remains resonable):

Wed:  NCAA tourney picks that will surely fail

Thurs:  Live blog of NCAA first day (if i wake up before its over)

Fri:  Who the fuck knows, I’ll probably forget, but BC is playing USC

You have one job!

January 8, 2009

I was planning on making my first official post later today to announce the Red Sox signing Rocoo Baldelli and John Smoltz, but circumstances have changed.  One of my biggest fears was realized today and it forced me to use an incredibly embarrassing excuse for being late to work.

Where I live, I have to fight with a bunch of other people to use the washer/dryer.  I swear those things are running 24/7, and if you aren’t there to get your laundry the moment it finishes, someone will take it out, wet or not.  This left me stuck with damp clothes on a number of occasions.  Rather than continue to wear wet/dirty clothes, I started doing my laundry at night.  I wait until everyone goes to bed to start the washer, then leave them in the dryer overnight.  Worst case scenario is that someone takes my stuff out of the dryer in the morning after its been dry for hours.

Or so I thought.

This morning I went through my normal morning routine, but when I went to get my laundry I discovered that the dryer, for whatever reason, did not do its job.  My clothes were still soaked, and now I have nothing to wear to work.  With no other valid excuse, I emailed my boss to tell him that my dryer is making me late for work.

Even worse, the dryer continues to claim that the clothes inside are dry, and it refuses to run a full drying cycle because of this.  I understand that the dryer is supposed to be an expert on the subject, but I have to call bullshit.  Now I know how much I hate to be questioned on subjects which I consider myself an “expert” at, such as Boston sports, minor league arena football teams, or “why that guy who killed me in Halo was cheating” but in this case I have no choice.  You have one job dryer! Get it right dammit!

I can only hope the dryer doesn’t hold a grudge, because, like it or not, I still need its services if I plan to leave the house before summer.

More to come…


January 7, 2009

First post.  I promised myself I’d post something every day, but I’m not sure what I’ll end up writing about.   Stay tuned.

more to come…