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Red Sox Midseason Power Rankings

July 8, 2009

I thought I’d combine my love for power rankings with my love of the Red Sox.  These rankings are based on 1st half performance, pre-season expectations, and other random criteria that just pulled out of my ass.  Without further adieu, here’s my 2009 Midseason Red Sox Roster Power Rankings:

jason bay
kevin youkilis
jacoby ellsbury
ram ram
nick green
jason varitek
dustin pedroia
dice k/smoltz
  1. Jason Bay LF– JBay is leading the team in home runs/RBI but is mired in a month long slump.  He still anchors the lineup, but unless he starts bringing that average up, expect him to slide in these rankings
  2. Josh Becket P – after a slow start Beckett looks like the guy who carried us in 2007.  With the offense currently struggling, we need him to remain nasty now more than ever.
  3. Kevin Youkilis 1B – YOOOOOUUUUUKK!!!!  Like Bay, Youk had a hot start but has been struggling recently.  If the Sox offense is ever going to get going it will probably start with Youk.
  4. Jacoby Ellsbury CF – The kid can do it all, it seems.  Jacobs is playing gold glove center field, and since his drop in the order has found some unexpected power.  His steal of home against the Yankees might be the highlight of the season so far.
  5. Tim Wakefield P – Wake has given us everything we could ask for this year.  His 10 wins are tied for the lead in the AL, and at 42, he’s making his first All Star appearance.  He has a history of breaking down in the second half, so Tito will have to manage him carefully.
  6. Ramon Ramirez P – The first member of the bullpen to make the list, Ram Ram has been a pleasant surprise so far.  His 1.03 WHIP leads the team and he’s been a key part of the best pen in the league.
  7. Hideki Okajima P – See above. Ram and Oki have been solid all year in the setup role.
  8. Nick Green SS – I’m putting Green here because of how much he has exceeded expectations.  For a guy that was supposed to be in Pawtucket, Green has filled in nicely in Lowrie’s absence.  His bat is steady and his glove has been improving all year.  Not a week goes by without a web gem worthy play from this guy.  Julio who?
  9. Jonathan Papelbon P – Paps is sure making it interesting this year, but the numbers don’t lie: 24 saves and a 1.70 ERA.  I’ll take that any day.
  10. Jon Lester P – Expect him to rise on these rankings if he continues his June numbers.  After early struggles, Lester looks back to normal.
  11. Dustin Pedroia 2B – Pedey hasn’t been the MVP this year and he struggled mightily as the leadoff hitter.  Now that he’s back in the 2 hole, expect his numbers to return to normal.
  12. Jason Varitek C – Another player who’s quietly exceeding expectations.  With Tek, any offense is a plus, and so far he’s hitting .240 with 12 home runs.  I’ll take it.
  13. Daniel Bard P – Finally the Sox have a fireballer in the pen.  I love watching this kid pitch.  If Paps breaks down or leaves in the next few years, expect Bard to get the call.
  14. J.D Drew RF – Drew annoys the crap outta me, but his numbers aren’t terrible and he plays decent D.   If he can stop watching strike 3 go by, I’d be a lot happier.
  15. Brad Penny P – No longer trade bait, Penny looks more like a 3/4 starter.  Another pleasant surprise.
  16. Mike Lowell 3B – Decent numbers, but his hip is a major concern.  Don’t be surprised is the Sox go after a 1B/3B type player at the deadline just in case.
  17. Justin Masterson P – Not quite the lights out setup man from last year, but he’s still the most versatile pitcher on the roster, and an invaluable part of the pen.
  18. Manny Delcarmen P – The last 2 bullpen guys are almost interchangeable.  Both have been solid, but don’t get much action and could get decent value in a trade.
  19. Takashi Saito P – Decent fill in closer, when the Sox actually decide to use him.  The most likely to be traded.
  20. David Ortiz DH – Overall, Big Papi has been a disappointment this year, but he had a good June, so the critics have backed off.
  21. Rocco Baldelli OF – Nice story, good bad off the bench.  Still not sure if he can be a full time injury replacement.
  22. Mark Kotsay 1B/OF – Too early to tell, but seems decent enough as a backup.
  23. Diasuke Matsuzaka / John Smoltz P – I’m lumping these two together because they’ve split time and been equally ineffective.  Smoltz shows some promise, but keeps giving up big innings.  Dice-K’s future is in serious jeopardy, lets hope they find out what’s wrong.
  24. George Kottaras C – No wonder the Sox wanted Teagarden/Salty/Montero.  This guy can’t hit for shit, but he handles Wake ok.
  25. Julio Lugo SS/Waste of Money – Who else? The $36 million pile of dog shit has quitely been hitting well in limited action.  But his defense is still a disaster and he’s been thoroughly outshined by a minor leaguer 2 seasons in a row.  He’s the only player I’ve seen in a long time getting consistently booed by the home crowd at Fenway.  Just a train wreck.

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