NCAA Tournament round 1 live blog part 1

11:24AM Lets see how long this lasts. My attention span is normally like 15 seconds so three’s little chance I’ll keep updating the blog as the games unfold.

12:00 games (my picks in italics):

8 LSU vs 9 Butler

2 Memphis vs 15 CS Northridge

8 BYU vs 9 Texas A&M

11:58 Just changed a bunch of my picks at the last second. Probably not a good sign.

12:21 LSU/Butler about to tip off. I see mostly chalk today with lots of upsets tomorrow.

12:23 LSU takes a 9-0 lead. Not a great start for me.

12:29 Watching 2 games at once. I’m losing both.

12:34 Now losing all my games.  11-3, 11-3, 11-8.  This seems like a bad omen.

12:39 Just turned on BYU/A&M.  The cougars are rolling with the white wash.  Maybe I shouldn’t have picked them.

1:00 Memphis finally got their shit together, but Butler and BYU are still struggling.  I hate those 8/9 games, i always get them wrong.

Memphis 29 CS Northridge 24

LSU 27 Butler 19

A&M 32 BYU 24

1:06 Whats with all the games mirroring each other?

A&M 32-24

LSU 31-24

Mem 31-25

1:11 LSU 35 Butler 29 at the half.  I just heard that BYU hasn’t won a tournament game since ’93.  Why did I pick them again?

On an unrelated note, one of my friends just introducde the idea of heading to his place and getting wasted off the Magic Hat in his kegerator.  This may affect the live blog.

1:18 BYU down by 12 at halftime.  The cougars are playing like a team with 5 white guys on the floor, except they can’t hit jump shots.  Memphis is too close for comfort.  Will this be the year I lose a final 4 team in the first round? Lets hope not.

1:44 Butler takes the lead!  Its about time.  

March Madness On Demand is fucking up.  Its buffering every few seconds now.

Also, just opened first red bull of the day.  How long before I switch to booze?

1:49 Had to bump down the quality of MMOD to lower than low def.  Meanwhile, BYU is taking a shit on the court.  If I can go 2/3 in these first games, I’ll be satisfied.  Right now none are winning.

1:58 I had to switch from BYU to Memphis.  Matedors up by 2 with 13 minutes left. I’m not ready for a 15-2 upset.

2:03 Not sure if I should mix Streak for the Cash and my bracket.  That feels like betting on your favorite team.  If they lose, you lose double.  Butler needs to get going.

2:07 Memphis down by 6 with 10 to go.  My brother will be home in a few minutes and he picked Memphis for the championship.  This could be bad.  Side note: Rico came down to join me, but he’s a little annoyed that I’m watching 2 games at once.

2:11 All 3 of my picks are losing.  BYU is a lost cause, but Butler and Memphis still have a shot.  I can’t really go 0-3 in the first games can I?

2:18 LSU is pulling away from Butler.  My only hope is Memphis.

5 Purdue and 12 Northern Iowa tip off at 2:30. I have Purdue.

2:27 Memphis finally woke the fuck up and took care of business.  Butler still needs a last second miracle. Looks like I’m headed for 1-3.

2:29 Butler just lost.  Memphis just won.  BYU is down by 11 with 1:30 to go. Up next (my pics in italics):

5 Purdue/12 Northern Iowa

1 UNC/16 Radford

7 Cal/10 Maryland

1 UConn/16 Chattanooga

2:32 MMOD is fucking up again.  I just switched to Purdue/N Iowa and got audio for a baseball game.  

2:37 BYU offially lost.  MMOD is buffering again.  Its been a frustrating first set of games.

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