NCAA Tournament round 1 live blog part 4

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Recap: A mediocre game between Washington and Mississippi St.  No upset here, Huskies move on.

Games covered in part 4 (my picks in italics):

7 Clemson vs 10 Michigan

7 Texas vs 10 Minnesota

3 Villanova vs 14 American

4 Gonzaga vs 13 Akron


7:12 The next batch of games are just tipping off.  I’ve got Clemson/Michigan on TV and Texas/Minnesota on MMOD.  I really need the horns to win this one, I’ve got them beating the Dukies in round 2 (altho I’m already regretting it).

7:14 I just realized that I picked 2 teams that I hate: Clemson and Nova (former BC rival and current BC rival). Its not going to be easy to root for them.  Gophers are out to a fast start 9-2

7:18 Jim Nantz says this has been a “zippy start for the Gophers.” Minn up 13-5.

7:22 I nominate Clemson for having the douchiest fanbase in the country.  I’m not even sure who the other candidates are right now. If you’ve ever been to a Clemson game, you’d understand.  I’ve never seen so many orange polos and purple pairs of pants.  I didn’t even know you could buy purple pants.

7:35 Slow start for my teams.  Clemson down by 4, Texas down by 2.  Need more booze.

7:45 Texas takes the lead.  Clemson still down by 2.  I suddenly got busy, but I’ll try to update more soon.

7:49 Zips/Zags just got started.  I hope the announcers are taking advantage of the nickname matchup here.  I’m still not sold on this Gonzaga team, but I’m not sure why.

Score update:

Minn 29 Texas 28

Mich 22 Clem 22

American 27 Nova 24 (WTF!?)

Zips 8 Zags 7

8:06 Scores at the half:

Michigan 27 Clemson 24

Texas 39 Minnesota 35

American 41 Nova 31

8:10 We need to officially start the Villanova upset watch.  Down by 10 to American at the half is not good.

Sorry for the boring updates, things got busy here and I have less time for comments.

8:17 Watching the Zips/Zags game now.  (Are we going with Zips/Zags or Zags/Zips?, I vote the first).  I’m starting to get worried about my picks this round.  After going 6-2 in the early games, I’m losing in 3 of the 4 7PM games.  Michigan-Clemson should be back soon.

8:19 CBS switches to the Clemson-Michigan game just in time to show a 9-2 run by the Wolverines.  Great.  I shoulda known not to trust a bunch of douches to win a game.

8:27 Fucking Clemson.  Maybe some Pizza will help.

8:38 Thank you Longhorns.  At least something is going right. Texas by 9.  Clemson, Nova and Gonzaga are still down.

8:44 Pizza has brightened my mood a bit.  Nova is within 7, and Texas is pulling away.  If Clemson and Gonzaga can get their act together, this might not turn out so bad.

8:48 The two 7-10 games are mirroring each other right now, but with opposite results for me.  Texas keeps increasing its lead but Clemson can’t get anything going.  Meanwhile, Nova is down by 6.

8:51 They should probably move the Clemson game to the ER at the rate players are going down.

The Office is starting in 10 minutes.  The live blog will probably suffer.

8:58 The good news: Things are starting to go my way. The Bad news: The Office is starting to I’m going to go watch that.

9:08 First Office commercial break, and the games are looking good.  Texas is up big, Nova came back and took the lead, Gonzaga is winning and Clemson has cut it to 6.  Lets go tigers! I wanna go 4 for 4!

9:21 Holy shit this Clemson-Michigan game got crazy.  61-59 Wolverines.

9:25 Wow! What a game.  I almost don’t care that I lost. Michigan survives 62-59. In other news Texas won 76-62, Nova is up by 11 with under a minute left, and the Zags lead the Zips by 5 with 8 minutes left.

9:30 Ok, I’m leaving to go watch 30 Rock.  Nova is about to win and Gonzaga is up by 9.  See you for the last group of games.

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