NCAA Tournament round 1 live blog part 3

Part 1Part 2

Recap: After struggling in the early games, I came back strong, getting all my picks correct in the 3pm games.  North Carolina blew away Radford without Ty Lawson, which was a good sign for me (UNC is my champ).  Purdue gave me a scare, but survived.

Games covered in part 3 (my picks in italics):

4 Washington vs 13 Mississippi St.


5:20 Here we go with part 3.  Hopefully, I’ll be more entertaining this time.  I’ll try to keep this one going thru the 7pm games.

5:34 Huskies playing well early, up 25-17 with 5:45 to go in the 1st.  CBS switched to the local news so I’m stuck on MMOD and its constant buffering.

Beer time.

5:40 My beer is very drinkable.  No more drinkable than most other beverages, but certainly more drinkable than Keystone Light.  That shit is gross.

5:48 I feel a lot better about my Washington pick after realizing that their best player is named Quincy Pondexter.  If I had done my research (and I didn’t), I would have known this, and picked them to go farther.  You can’t lose with a name like that.  Its the same reason I picked Alabama St. (Chief Kickingstallionsims) in the play in game, and Temple (Dionte Christmas) in a 1st round upset.

5:58 Washington 38 Miss St. 27 at halftime.  More often than not, the upset everyone picks doesn’t happen.

6:21 Woops, I got distracted during halftime.  We’re already 5 minutes in, Huskies by 13.

6:28 One of those damn hypnotizing Comcast commercials is on.  I think they’re trying to trick us into forgetting how shitty their service is.

I hate the 5PM game, its always so boring.

6:30 Cody Augustus just “inhaled a rebound.”  I might need to inhale something to keep watching this game.  Wash 50-35 with 10:38 left.  The announcers are desperately trying to convince us that this game is interesting.

More evidence that this game sucks:

2nd half points (10 minutes left): Wash: 17, Miss St. 10.

Miss St. is shooting 27%, Washington 45%

6:41 I took a break with the score 57-41. 10 minutes later, its 59-44.  Awseome.  I need another beer.

6:45 I’m glad we got the full story on Washington’s Isaiah Thomas.  Apparently, he was named after the real Isiah Thomas, but with a different spelling.  Thank god we cleared that up.  

I can’t wait for Gus Johnson tomorrow

7:06 Washington wins in a barn-burner 71-58.  The final score doesn’t represent how boring this game was.  Maybe its just that there wasn’t anything else on, but I hated it.  

Either way, I’m 6-2 today.

The 7PM games should be starting up soon.  A few interesting matchups there.

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