NCAA Tournament round 1 live blog part 2

Part 1

Recap: I got off to a bad start in part 1, losing 2/3.  Only Memphis saved me by skeaking by lowly CS Northridge.  BYU sucked ass, and Butler lost a close one.  Hopefully, this part will be better.

Games covered (my picks in italics):

5 Purdue vs 12 Northern Iowa

1 UNC vs 16 Radford

7 California vs 10 Maryland

1 UConn vs 16 Chattanooga


2:40 Rather than have 1 huge post, i figured I’d break this up. The 3PM games are just getting started. 

I’d like to see a strong showing from UNC without Ty Lawson. They’re my champ, and after the Memphis scare, I need some reassurance.

2:44 Purdue jumps out to an early lead. The 12/5 games always scare me, but the Boilermakers are looking good early.

2:51 Taking a break from the games to re-watch last night’s South Park. The Coon!

3:01 After taking a big lead early, Purdue can’t seem to hit a shot.

Side note: who is the coon?

3:17 Getting back to the games now.  I’ve  got UConn on TV and Cal-Terps on MMOD.  So far so good in the second batch.  All my teams are winning or tied.

3:20 Purdue up 32-20 at the half.  Its about time one of my teams took care of business.  Here’s the scores:

Purdue 32 N Iowa 20 Half

UNC 26 Radford 16 11:25 1st

Maryland 17 Cal 15 11:35 1st

UConn 10 Chatt 8 13:46 1st

3:27 These Mocs look fiesty.  UConn needs to wake up.

3:39 On cue, UConn woke up.  The Huskies, Tar Heels and Boilermakers have comfortable leads, while Maryland is holding on.

4:05 I knew that I’d get lazy with this live blog, and its finally happening.  If you care, I spent the last few mintues getting some work done, but now I’m back!  Maryland is up 3 at the half and Purdue is watching the lead slip away.  The #1’s are cruising.

4:10 Purdue is hanging on, barely.  My brother is watching the game upstairs, and he has North Iowa.  If this comeback keeps up, he might fall thru the floor.

4:18 The Purdue game is still too close for comfort with 2 minutes left.  I’m glad I didn’t pick them to take down UConn.

4:32 Purdue escapes. Thank god. Now if Maryland can get it done, i can go 4-4.

4:45 I’m getting lazier by the second.  I think its the lack of interesting games.  Cal/Maryland is the only one thats even remotely close.  Terps by 10.  Washington/Miss St. is coming up at 5.  Big upset potential there.

4:47 Holy shit, someone tell the Mocs and Highlanders that there’s a basketball game going on.  UNC and UConn are both up 40+. Tar Heels without Lawson, Huskies without coach Calhoun.

Terps 66, Cal 56 7:00 remaining

5:00 Maryland looks strong, and so does my bracket.  After a rough start, i should get to 5-7 overall. 

Terps 76 Cal 63 3:00 left

Its about time to crack the day’s first beer.

5:07 Terps win.  Jorge Gutierrez of Cal is openly crying.

5:14 UNC and UConn are winners.  I’m 4-4 in this batch of games.  

Now we enter the boring part of the day where there’s only 1 game on.  Luckily, Wash/Miss St should be a good one.

5:17 Just switched to Washington/Miss St. The game is tied with 12 to go in the 1st half.  I’ve got Washington, but I’m not that confident in the Huskies.  I have them losing to Purdue in the next round so this one is low risk for me.

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